Monday, March 18, 2013

Made a Guy Cry

March 18, 2013

Mi Familia:

Ok, I think I will just start my letters with my notes from the letters you send me cuz that is easier haha. Amanda is right sweaters here are perfect because a full on coat I think would be too much. My first week or two here I used my companions old sweater under my rain coat and it was perfect. I think I will be fine until winter again and then I might ask you to send me a sweater or two, cuz I use all my money for food haha. And I don't know where to find a place to find a sweater. I'm good on my suit, I’ll try and get it fixed, but I don't want a new one. If I was going to spend money on a new suit I would rather do it when I get back or save it uncase something happens to this one. It doesn't really surprise me about dad's pants not being hemmed right, they didn't do perfect on these ones either but nothing major. One of the waists didn't get brought in at all but it is fine with my belt and I don't need to get them fixed. I am doing my PROS! I really like the smile part ha. If you do all of them, things just seem to go better! If Ronny wants to take my board again he can, and my other brothers too just as long as they don't do it too much and it is always when there is plenty of snow. You said Ronny got a new board before you left Provo but you didn't say what he got! What is it? I am that good of a boarder! My board just helps... a lot haha. Sharee, Kelsey didn't write me for the seminary missionary week. She can write me if she wants to. I love getting letters! I check the mail every day haha. That sucks about the play. I dunno if you will get this in time to help you decide, but just do what you want to do. Think about it in a way as what will make the better memory for you to remember 5 years down the road? So either way, make a good memory. I got a good letter from the Goodriches! They are better at drawing then I am ha. I liked what Malorie wrote about snowboarding 30% hard 100% fun ha. I think it’s funny Lisa buzzed Ronny's hair cuz I am thinking about cutting mine as short as I can because it’s freaking hot here and my long hair looks funny after I wear my helmet. I dunno if I left any money on my itunes or not, if I did somebody should find me some good music I can listen to and send it to me. We don't have to listen to just church music we have a lot of approved stuff and they are pretty lacks with it. They even let us listen to some Lindsey Sterling Dubstep haha, but don't buy me that, I’m going to burn a copy of E. Jessups. Also, I’m not complaining, I am just letting you know that the glasses aren't here yet just so you know in case.

I had a green dinner the other day. I actually had two ha. My poop was green, like un-natural green. We had president interviews on Tuesday. That was good, he just made sure all was going well with us and if he could do anything for us. I guess I could end up getting switched to the Carlsbad or Redlands mission, but I doubt it happens.

I met this guy on the street named JR. We made him cry just standing on the sidewalk, so that was cool. We harvesting blessing-ed him and he felt the spirit really strong. We had a appointment with him, but he didn't show up. I wish we could chase him down but he didn't want to give us his phone number or address, we were just supposed to meet at the church but that obviously wasn't a good idea. After that we got memberships to Fitness 19. At Prez interviews we asked if we could and he said yes, but only to us. None of the other missionaries know about it. He is letting us be his guinea pigs. I think because he knows and trusts my companion and I seem pretty innocent ha. That has been good.

I got to go to the Redlands temple on Friday! That was fun. It is a really small temple but really pretty. I love the inside. I like how it had 3 different rooms like the Vernal one. The Terrestrial room was awesome. The ceiling was really high and had clouds painted on it. It reminded me of Hogwarts! Then that night we had an awesome dinner. It was with the Greathouses. He is Polynesian and likes to eat like me. He and his wife are amazing cooks though! Probably the best dinner I’ve had here. My favorite part was when we loaded up our bikes in his truck and he ran us to where we were supposed to be next. He has a Chev and a Titan. We took the Titan. During the ride we were talking about them both and I asked which one he liked better and he said the Titan because of all the stuff he had done to it. He has good enough suspension he can jump it, but I didn't talk him into it cuz my bike was in the back. Then he said it was supercharged. I got him to show me what it could do. I was super impressed. That is the fastest I have accelerated in a truck, which is saying a lot because I’ve been in a lot of diesels that have a lot done to them. It was pretty fun. That made my day ha. My companion said I was laughing like a kid. Which doesn't surprise me cuz me Jetson Kaiden and Skyler always were like that.

Saturday I went on exchanges with one of our ZL's. That was good. He made miracles happen. I dunno how he does it but my companion thinks it is because of his overwhelming faith. I put somebody on date to be baptized with him and I tried again with another family later, but they said they didn't want to decide yet. We are headed back later this week to teach them more.

I have found out I am cannot type near as much as I thought I could in an hour. Hopefully I get faster. Well I am out of time so I will talk to ya next week! And I look forward to getting my letter from you all! Bye!

Love Elder Wood

This computer takes forever to attach pictures.................. So just send me some music.... and I will be happy haha. Maybe one day I will be in a car where I can listen to it all day. I have this friend here named Sam. He is cool. I am making him make me CDs too. He is good at hooking me up. He is also teaching me some Spanish. Just little phrase here and there every time I see him I write them down in a little book. I might have you guys send me a dictionary and some other Spanish materials so I can try and teach myself some, because I talk to a lot of people who have no idea what I am saying to them because they speak Spanish.