Monday, March 4, 2013

Mexican Food

March 4, 2013

 Hey everybody,

 Well this week was a lot better than last week! On Tuesday I went on exchanges with Elder Jessup. Hopefully Sister Rex got those pictures sent to you. She is probably the coolest member I have met here, I wish she was in my ward. She has a son in the East Salt Lake mission and a daughter she just took to the MTC. She told me this funny story about running into her missionary son on accident. He's coming home in like March. So your guys letter took forever to get here! I got it on Saturday along with one from Jetson. Ronny and Lisa's got here on Friday. Lisa you telling me about your first experiences in the field makes me not feel so bad for myself now haha. So that helped me. I'm in the same country, same language, same food (kinda, I get a lot more Mexican but I love Mexican food!) same appliances haha. We have normal washing machines. Just so you know I love the little commentaries I get from your kids. Keep that up and talking about me and stuff. I am still worried about them not remembering me or being scared of me or something cuz they haven't seen me in so long. Hopefully that doesn't happen though. Ronny, with rocker/camber or just camber you really can't go wrong with a Lib Tech or Gnu board. My board is a little bit more steady because it has a little camber, but it still has that good no-catch feel of a rocker, so I love how much of an all mountain board it is. When I get home I am going to take a good look at buying a park pickle because I loved the one I rode. Try and make it to the day at the canyons where you get to try a bunch of boards. Yes, you can take my board and try it if you swear to not make habit of it and are careful with it. Wax out any scratches you might put in it ha. It is in the Attic in the deepest darkest corner, it is kinda hard to get to. I flew into Ontario so I was pretty close to Riverside. I think it would have been to fly into L.A. though, I’ve heard its a sweet airport. Ya I wish I knew Spanish now, I really want to learn it. I will pick up some here and then when I get home I want to study it and be fluent. Weather is great! It was like 90 degrees the for like 3 days in a row. Brett happy birthday! in a few days. Maybe Hailey Kenz and Mir will make you a cake hahaha.

 Jetson told me in his letter about you guys calling him from my phone, he got super excited until he figured out what was going on. I don’t know if he called you back or not. if he didn't just keep calling, he'll answer sometime. You guys can do the blog if you want too, other people would probably appreciate it. If you guys are too busy don't worry about it though, it just up to you guys. Let me know how much my tax return is so I know how bad I should feel for the lack of money I left behind.  I kinda figured Dad would be the new bishop but I didn't think it would be until a little longer after I left! I thought he was going to be bishop last time too though. Those are some awesome councilors, I bet Kasey looks weird without his goatee. The bike is great, I have like 130 something miles on it already ha. Dad I can't tell you too much about the mission Prez cuz I don't know him that well. He seems really cool and pretty laid back. He knows where Bluebell is kinda. He remembers that Elder Law is from Roosevelt and that it is really close. Dad you are sounding like me with your crashing stories. Be careful, it is easy to get hurt boarding, trust me haha. I am excited for Erica and her parents! Those are both way neat calls. That sucks they have to move again already though. That’s scary about Rachel, I’m glad she is ok. You are sending my e-mails to the Gordon family right? I met Elder and Sister Davis, they are really nice. We talked about the Browns. Ya we did know about the boundaries changing. I have heard a missionary rumor that they are thinking about changing the mission times to 18 months for guys too. Do some research and let me know. I bet it is just something somebody started but you never know. Sharee the school ghost could be there, but I bet that light has a vent by it somewhere if you look hard enough that is making it move. Normally the ghost didn't do stuff like that that you would see very often. What makes you say somebody brought him in with Kapps stuff? haha. Which Ipod did you get?

So like I said before this last week was a ton better than my first one in the field. P-day was crazy because somebody broke into the church that morning and the cops wouldn't let us in here to e-mail and the Hemet library was closed. So we pretty much spent the whole day trying to find computers and then ended up having the cops let us in. On Tuesday was exchanges and I got to experience what it is like to have investigators and how fun missions can be. Elder Jessup is just a really fun guy to be around and we get along better than I do with any of the other missionaries. We got to teach some real lessons and we didn't spend hardly any of the day trying to find people to teach because we didn't need to. It was great! It was nice to be in a car too. My favorite one was this tattoo artist with the craziest conversion story that I don't have time to tell. He was pretty much raised himself, joined the mafia because he needed money. They tried to kill him one day because they messed him up one day and was going to die anyways when last minute somebody from his long lost family came and saved him. He ended up losing his eye (I didn't know that until after cuz he looks normal) and finding the church and making some huge changes to his life.

 Wednesday I had a lot better attitude and didn't miss home near as much. I think because I got a good day’s missionary work in and not getting rejected all day long. Wednesday through Saturday were pretty standard spending all day locating part member families and tracting and just trying to find people that would listen to us. We do this thing called a harvest blessing that the mission has seen a lot of success from. We basically come in and take notes on who all lives in the home and something God could bless them with. Then we all kneel down and either me or my companion leaves a priesthood blessing. We had one lady who reluctantly let us in and then told us about a death they just had and some other problems going on. About halfway through the blessing she was crying cuz how much she could feel the spirit and we talked for a minute about how she felt after. We are hoping that goes somewhere. 
We also do this thing called O.Y.M's It stands for Open Your Mouths. As a companionship we talk to at least 20 people a day going between lessons and other stuff just on the street. Sunday night we didn't have all of them so we hit up a few bus stops trying to get them all in. My companion had a guy about our age who really wanted to know more about Mormons. He has studied the bible a lot so they ended up throwing a lot of doctrine around at each other. He heard a lot of dumb things that people make up about Mormons that we got to explain and teach him the truth. We gave him a book of Mormon and I know he will read it because he studies a lot of doctrine (it really surprised me, he looked like the kind of kid who wouldn't be interested in that kind of stuff at all) anyways he probably won't let us teach him, but maybe he will come around, he was a pretty awesome kid.


Well I am over time so I guess I better go.

Love you all!

Elder Wood


I forgot a story! I got proposed to the other night! We went into another area to help some of the missionaries over there move a Bro. Wood. I am very grateful I am not in that part of Hemet because it was way more getto and a lot more sketchy. As we were walking in one of the black girls there wouldn't leave me alone and wanted to elope. She said I was sexy but I think she just thought I had money ha. anyways that’s it!