Monday, February 11, 2013

Second Letter From the MTC

February 11, 2013

 Well one more week left in the MTC! It is a good thing that I am going to be here for three weeks, because I wouldn't be ready to leave tomorrow. We got our flight info on Friday. I fly out the 19th @ 11:00 I think, so I don't have one of those crazy early ones. I will figure out the exact time and send it in my next email. I get to call before I take off (It wouldn't be as time effective but I thought we would call after we landed) so Mom and Dad make sure you have your cell phones on you and charged that day. I dunno if i'm aloud to call both but I probably will anyways (and dad I don't know your work number so you will actually have to carry your phone for once!) I am liking the MTC. It isn't as bad as I thought it would be. I got to do laundry with Skyler today, so that was cool. Kaiden and I are going to sneak over to his building again tonight before he flys to New York tomorrow (we have snuck in twice already haha) Kaiden got here this Wednesday. I get to see him everyday because he eats right after I do and he lives in the same building as me, so I walk down the stairs and he is there. He has a pretty cool companion, but I don't think his zone or district is as cool as mine. I was surprised by how many connections I made in my zone. There were quite a few elders with mutual friends. In one companionship they both knew somebody I knew. Elder Plum is writing Xela Rowley and his companion was pretty good friends with Kenzie Thornock so that was kinda cool. That district all flew out today which was kinda sad, they had some way cool guys in it. I am excited to meet the new kids on Wednesday though. I hope we get some more sisters in our zone too, cuz all of ours left.
Elder Wood and Elder Memmott from Roosevelt


Somebody needs to check on Jetson for me and make sure he isn't pulling his hair out already. I got his address from his sister today so I will probably write him a short letter soon.

Time is weird in here. It runs together really bad. Most of the time I couldn't tell you what day of the week it is unless it Wednesday, Sunday, or Monday. Mon P-day Wed and Sun ice cream bar in the cafeteria. Most people here have put on a little weight. I am still about the same. I weigh what I did when I was at school 150. My companion hasn't ever lifted or ran or anything ever in his life, so he just kinda plays on the elliptical while I do my stuff. I'm pretty sure playing basketball here shortens your life expectancy... there are some ballers here. I guess on our last gym day we don't get to go because lately they have been having a bunch of people get hurt the day before they fly out, so I guess I need to be careful.

I am finding out that if you talk to somebody long enough, a lot of the time they will know somebody you know. One of my friends was talking to a sister while we were doing laundry and she was from Stansbury, so she knew Miranda Peterson (ask Brett or Jason). The crazy thing is that that happens to me everyday!

I have convinced most of my district that going to BYU is a bad idea and they need to come to Utah State. The only ones that don't agree with me have already been to BYU, but even then they still agree with what I say about it half the time.

I'm wondering if anybody read that text I got after you guys dropped me off. No I'm not addicted to my phone, but it might be the difference between me asking for somebody's address or not, so if you know who it was or what it said I wouldn't mind knowing haha. I have been enjoying the letters I get! So keep telling people to write me! I really don't know what else to tell you about, I really don't have too many overly exciting days. I'm out of time anyways, so I'll send you another one in a week! Love you all! 
Elder Wood
Sister Enman from Altamont and Elder Wood