Monday, February 18, 2013

Last Letter from the MTC!

My Family and Friends!!

February 18, 2013

This is my last day in the MTC! I am super excited to go to California! I am sort of nervous for a new companion though, I hope he's a good one. So I sent you guys some pics while I was doing laundry. The one of my suit is the only one I should really have to explain about I think. There has always been like a yellow marker writing on it, but it was always really really faint and you could only see it if you looked really close (yes I am positive we bought it that way) When I got it dry cleaned to take it out in the field the dry cleaning brought the stain right out and noticeable. I dunno if CTR will do anything about it, if so let me know what to do. If not I think I will just keep this one and not worry about it, because it isn't that bad. Also clothes related, one of the kids in my district from close to there thinks I will need a thicker coat. All the kids going to my area have like a liner that goes inside their coats. I think I will just wait and see if I need one. If I do, I will probably have you send me the liner out of my red columbia coat and that should be fine. I doubt I will really need it though.

Hearing about Lydia and Bryant snow boarding was awesome! I wish I could have been there! Lisa and Ronny sent me some pics and so I did get to see. Thanks for that! I love the little things I get from your kids, by the way! And from you too haha. Also thank you for sending those picture albums you did, I love them. They are all really good pictures! Sharee I'm glad you got to stick out the basketball year. That wasn't easy. Especially now you don't have to deal with your old coach. That first pop after the season is always the best one! But be careful drinking it if you are going to run track. Are you doing track? So where is Brett now? Does he live in Logan or somewhere by SLC? Also I was wondering if Jason was liking his major or not? I need their  contact info just in case I need to tell them something. I already have Ronny and Lisa's so I don't need theirs. Mom you can send any of that stuff you want to. Especially the shoe shine if it is like the better stuff than I already have, I think I will buy some better stuff like that I have for my docs if the stuff you have isn't like it. I definitely could use the lint brush and the small umbrella could be handy, but keep the normal one, mine is good. Tell Kristin Congrats!! and let me know when you know if it will be a boy or a girl! I guess you did hear I got Skyler the tie, so I don't need to tell you about that. For some reason in my notes I have to tell you to look up a video by Elder Bednar. It's called "Patterns of Light" I think that was just a reminder for me to look it up when I can though. I only got to see the first video he had about it, and there are three. I think Elder Bednar is my new favorite. At the MTC we get to watch talks given here that you can only see at the MTC and the best ones I have seen are from Elder Bednar.
Elder Wood and Elder George

I almost forgot to tell you about talking to Pres. Nally! So we were just having personal study time and the intercom comes on and says "Robert Wood will you go pick up the hall phone and call the front desk" so I did and they told me that the MTC President wanted to meet with me. I wasn't too surprised because I had read dad's letter saying I was related to him. I was still really nervous though. So when I walked into his office, he asked what my name was, so I told him Elder Wood. Then he is like what's your first name? I said Robert. Then he's like what's your Grandma's name? and I said Rachel Wood! He then asked where she lives and I said El Paso. I guess Grandma had called him the day before I talked to him and told him he had her grandson in the MTC. Then we just talked for a while about how things were going for grandma and if I'd been to Texas much and that sort of stuff. So that was pretty fun.

Also thanks for sending the calling card, the one you sent me is a lot better than the one I bought from the book store, so I sold the one I bought haha. Make sure you have your cell phones!! Dad I don't know your work number, so you will just have to carry your phone! haha. It shouldn't kill ya for a day. I think the call should be like between like 11 to 1130. Maybe 1030. I don't really know how all this works, but I know it will. Thanks for sending those cookies for valentines! They were amazing! Did you know the bottom of those things were chocolate dipped? Probably some of the best cookies I have ever eaten in my life...

I wish I had more exciting things to tell you guys about. I'm sure I will whenever my next P-day is! I'm over time anyways.  Love you all!                      Elder Wood
MTC District
 Off to the Airport