Monday, February 4, 2013

First Letter From Robby

February 4, 2013


Hey everybody!

I really don't know how to go about the writing letters business, so this first one might be kinda weird. As you saw my escort missionary was pretty cool. He was really friendly and gave me some good advice. I liked my dork dot because everybody was super friendly and came and talked to you. Everybody is really nice here and really easy to talk to, and that makes the MTC a lot more fun for me. There are SO many people here! I came in with the biggest group of missionaries they have had come in one day. 600 or 700 missionaries I think. I guess when Kaiden comes next week his is supposed to beat ours by like 200 though. Do you guys remember when we dropped of my brothers and we went into that big room with all the parents and siblings and watched a bunch of sad movies? Well turns out there are two of those rooms. When I got to those rooms they were both almost completely full with just missionaries, no parents or siblings. Oh also something you might want to know is that I am in the last wave of 3 week missionaries, so I will be here until the 19 I think. So Kaiden will get here a week later than me and then leave on the same day. I wasn't very happy about that at first but now I have tried teaching a few lessons I think I am supposed to be in the MTC for 3 weeks for a reason.

My companions name is Elder George. He is from Ohio. He is a computer programmer. We don't really have to many of the same interests but we get along pretty good. It is a good thing he is my companion. My Branches motto is "Exact Obedience" which I have a hard time with. I kinda like to bend the rules. Elder Geroge does a pretty good job of preventing me doing that though. Elder George, me, E. Kirkland, and E. Summerhaze are the only 4 people in my district going to Riverside. Kirkland is from Bountiful and Summerhaze is from Connecticut, but we don't think any where very close to Brett's mission. The others are going to Tempe Arizona and Lubbock Texas. Suzan lives there right? I might need her address if she does. My district is really cool and we all get along really well. I probably wouldn't have spent too much time with most of them in high school. I think this has taught me that it is a lot easier to love people now. There are some really cool ones though. Like E. Rich. He is from long beach and we talk about cars a lot. His uncle has a lot of money and owns a bunch of Porches that he races as a hobby and E. Rich used to work for him working with the cars.

Elder Wood and Elder George

I saw S. Allred, E. Kennington, and E. Wallace all the first day at dinner. It was really nice. I saw S. Allred first and it helpped me a lot to have somebody to eat dinner with that I actually knew. I haven't seen her since. I have seen Skyler twice and Aaron twice though. Haven't had much time to talk to them though. It is my goal to run into Kaiden first day to help him out. The first two or three days weren't the most fun, but i didn't hate it. I am starting to like it a lot more. We didn't get gym until Friday evening, and it helped me a ton and I felt so much better after. All in all I am doing well. I have made a lot of friends who have been here a while that are helping me out a lot. Harvey Unga's first cousin is my zone leader and a pretty good friend and helps me out. His companion is cool, but maybe a little to strict. Speaking of, I heard the 49ers lost. I kinda wanted them to win. That might just be sympathy for Lance though.

Elder Wood and Elder Kennington from Roosevelt

Elder Kennington and Elder Wood

Elder Wood and Sister Allred from Roosevelt

Elder Wood and Elder Wallace from Roosevelt
Do you think their Grandpa's Young are smiling too?

They don't give you much time to write. Only a half hour. I only have like 4 minutes left. I want to figure out to hook up my camera so I can attach some pics but I didn't have time to go get a cord. I will just have to ask Skyler how he did it.

All in all I am doing well! So don't worry about me, I'm well taken care of, and even better fed!

Love ya!

Elder Wood!

P.S. Mom give Brett my face book password so he can help you out with it. If you put on there that I will be there an extra week put on there that I love letters and want them! (They kinda make my day..:)

P.S.S. Mom I didn't get your letter until the day after my first day, but it was a really good one and came at an even better time. Thanks! Love you!