Monday, January 5, 2015

Exit Interview

January 5, 2015 

Dear Family: 

Monday we had a good P-day.  Just normal stuff. I ran into Elder Larson and his new companion Elder Petersen (yes he has the same name as my comp) in Lake Elsinore. Other than that, it was normal. We went to visit a less active in the YSA ward.  

Tuesday we had exchanges. It…was... weird... Elder Gogan is a funny guy haha. We had some good lessons. Aolani was one of them.  

Wednesday was pretty slow. We met with Bro. Preciado to work out a bunch of ward mission stuff that is going on. We are shooting to get 100 non-members to church the 18th. At night all the missionaries went to the church at night to hang out. We didn't have dinner that night set up so we went with the Temescal Valley Elders to eat at the Hoyt's. It was fun to see them.  
New Year's Eve Dinner at the Hoyt's
Thursday morning the whole mission had a deep clean. It was nice to just spend some time and make our place nice. I feel a ton better every time I walk in there. We didn't know Tyler was going to be home, but he called us mid-day and asked us to come over. We watched part of “The Restoration” with him. Had a good lesson about studying the scriptures and how to use them. He is doing really well.  

Friday we had MLC in Riverside. It was a really good meeting. It was nice to see a bunch of the missionaries I haven't seen in a while.  

Saturday we had ZDM. It went a lot better than I thought it was going to. It was a lot better now they have combined the Corona Zone, so it is a lot bigger. Those meetings are always better with a lot of missionaries there. I had my outgoing interview with President after. It went really well. Mine was twice as long as everybody else's ha. I think I just went in with a lot more questions and more prepared. It was a lot more helpful then I thought it was going to be. Then we went to a wedding reception for about a half hour for somebody Elder Petersen taught. We did service for a lady. We tried to get to teach Tyler that day but he couldn't. He had fire academy stuff he had to take care of.  

Sunday they switch YSA Ward to 9 am and Auburndale Ward to 1. It doesn't affect me I have to go to both. A lot of people were mad haha. They haven't switched times in years. Tyler has been to church enough to be baptized. Bishop announced his baptism at church. It is Friday at 7! In church I handed Tyler my planner with the baptism interview questions. He looked at it for about 60 seconds tossed it back and said "Come on! That’s easy stuff!" "I'm gonna make you guys look good" I thought that was pretty funny. He is really excited. He fasted. We didn't even tell him how or what it was yet. So that night we explained that more. We mostly taught about missionary work. He is going to invite some people to his baptism. I would really like to teach his family but they don't seem to be open to it. We will find out I guess. Well that is about it! Love ya!

Elder Wood