Monday, August 19, 2013

Exchanges with Elder Beeston

August 19, 2013

Dear Family:

Well another good week in So Cal! This last week has been the best one since I have been in this area. Hopefully things will be picking up quickly now.

P-day (Monday) we went to the mall again. Elder Spencer has to keep going back for random stuff. He is going home here in three weeks and one of his recent converts (Anita the one who texted you the pictures) has been buying him clothes. Luckily I haven't bought anything yet, but I have one thing I want to get if I get some birth-day money. As you probably saw when I sent my SD card home the sisters destroyed our used to be clean apartment. So when we got home at 5:30 from the mall we cleaned for a half hour before dinner and then when we got home after working that night we cleaned. We are still cleaning. They got us pretty good. I leave those stupid paper dots everywhere I go.

Tuesday we had our district meeting at the mission office like every week. When we got there Sister Peirce (office Sister) had forgiveness quotes and scriptures taped all over her desk so we wouldn't get mad at her for setting it up. We were over it at that point so we just thought it was funny. We had some really good ideas on how to get them back but we aren't going to. That could go bad in a number of different ways and people would probably get the wrong idea or it would get out of hand. However we did let them know that if we weren't on a mission we would destroy them.

Wednesday I had exchanges with Elder Beeston. He served with me in Hemet so we know each other really well and it was really fun. This zone leader companionship is by far my favorite I have had. He came to my area and Elder Hawkins went with Elder Lapara to Spanish land. Elder Hawkins enjoyed being off of a bike for a day so it made the week a little easier for him which in turn helps me out a lot. Elder Beeston and I got work done! That is the most success I have seen in this area since I have been here and I loved it. I wrote down a whole bunch of people who haven't called us back and part member families and visited as many people as we could. Elder Beeston is a pretty athletic guy, but he hated biking these hills which made it more fun for me ha. He is a Spanish speaking Elder and they are all in car except for one area in Corona. We saw a lot of good things happen. I started talking with a guy named Steve on the street and we went and gave him a blessing. It went really well and we have been back twice already. I don't know how dedicated he is though; he reminds me a lot of the people I would talk to on the streets in Hemet. At some point we drank all of our water so we stopped in at the Gifford’s house. They are some really cool members here in the ward. She gave us water and then some grapes and some chocolate bread stuff. We were really grateful for all of it because we were really thirsty and hungry. She told us one of her neighbors had been to church before and asked us to go visit her. On the way out we talked to a different neighbor and got to leave a blessing with him. His name is Marty. No religious background, but really enjoyed the spirit the blessing brought. We are going to try and work with him also. We went where Sister Gifford told us to and this lady named Carol answered the door. Carol is a super cool super out spoken person. We had a really good talk with her, but she tried really hard to veer us away from talking about the gospel. She wants us to come back though. By the end of the day Elder Beeston and I were pretty wore out, so I enjoyed the day a lot.

Thursday we went with a good chunk of the zone to do service for the mission. They have a storage unit with furniture in it for the senior missionaries that needed re-arranged so they could get more in there. When I got home I had a card from Aunt Linda in the mail for my birthday, Thanks! At some point in the day I met a lady who was cool but pretty crazy. She was a medium. So I pried more trying to get her to tell me about it. She pretty much claims she has the power to have weird out of body experiences and can send other spirits places. It was pretty weird. We aren't going back there. That night for dinner we ate with the Hodges family. They are pretty big Utah State fans, so I got along with them pretty well. Bro. Hodge owns a helicopter training business. He has one or two friends out in Vernal. I guess one of them is pretty much the big guys in the state.

Friday I got your letter. It is crazy people getting married. That is weird. That is still many years down the road for me! haha. I don't like the Huitts leaving, it is cool he is getting baptized though! That would have been fun to sit in on the missionary lessons for. I hope Janalee gets better quickly. We had another good lesson with Steve before lunch. That night we ate dinner with Anita at Chilies. So that was super good! Hopefully you have gotten the pictures we sent from her phone. I didn't realize until Friday I had sent the first picture to my old phone, so we re-sent it to Dads. I think Jason has my old number, so you still probably got it anyways.

Saturday was a pretty normal day. I am running short on time so I will keep it short. I got in an interesting conversation with a guy named Bruce. He is pretty much Agnostic. He has a hard time believing Jesus is the son of God. For the most part he wouldn't talk to me about religious stuff. I talked for a while and finally caught his interest. He said his mom is a Jehovah’s Witness so I told him about who they believed Jehovah is and who we know he is. He thought that was pretty interesting so he gave me his number. Unfortunately he lives in Moreno Valley. Other than that it was a pretty boring day. That night Elder Cook and I got talking about music. I have asked so many people if they like Huey Lewis and nobody knows who he is. Elder Cook has been to a concert and loves that music. I pretty much grew up on that stuff!

Sunday was good. It is normally pretty chill in this ward. We don't have near as many people here we have to worry about teaching false doctrine to my investigators. There are some guys here that are RM's and work selling bug control. One of the guys I found out just found Elder Feist a new investigator so that was kinda cool. He is also the one who got Carol to come to church. They still do some missionary work while they are selling bug control. It’s kinda a weird combo, but it’s pretty cool too. That night we were looking for somebody and ran into some college kids who live by us and are part of a religious club at school. We ended up sitting down with three of them in the grass and we were having a really good lesson about the restoration. They had a lot of questions. Then all of the sudden like 10 more of them showed up and just wanted to bash with us. So it got pointless to be there so we left. 

That is pretty much my week! That felt like a really long letter so enjoy! Love ya!

Elder Wood