Monday, October 21, 2013

Riverside Mission's Newest District Leader!

October 21, 2013

Dear Family:

Hey I dunno if I am going to get to E-mail much this week so I will send you a quick note now. I am getting transferred to Temescal Valley Ward in Corona. I am super excited! Saturday I found out I am training again. So that means I am getting doubled in again, the only way I have ever gone to a new area my whole mission ha. I will have my first car! I am super excited for that!

I am at the mission office right now. I was looking at the board with all the missionaries on it to see who went where this transfer. I just found out I am a District Leader. I am excited, I was going to see how much longer I could avoid it though ha.

Riverside zone had huge changes this time. They split the zone and changed a lot of companionships. I had a super good week. If I get time today I will come back and E-mail. I have to take all my stuff to my new area and then come back to stay the night so I can pick up my new comp and car tomorrow!

Most exciting thing that happened this last week was last night while I was gathering stuff up our whole apartment backed up. We started bucketing water out with our trash cans but we couldn't keep up ha. it ended up being a crappy job... Literally. We called and the maintenance guy came and had a carpet guy come. The maintenance guy fixed the pluming and the carpet guy soaked up all the water and ripped out a bunch of our carpet. It was a pretty fun adventure!

Well I will try and send a better E-mail soon. Pray for me! I don't know how to be a car missionary ha. I would send some pics of our apartment but my SD card reader isn't working. Oh, try and send that other SD card again. This one is full already haha. Well love ya! Talk to you soon!

I forgot to mention. I might have to buy a GPS so my bank account is going to be suffering so if you see 100 bucks gone don't think I am wasting money I am being super careful. I am going to have to spend some money on it when I go shopping because I am getting transferred and don't have any food there and am out of my missionary money card thing. 
Love ya tons! Elder Wood